Medical Cups for vacuum massage


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Rubber jars for vacuum massage.
Set includes 4 banks have a diameter of 22, 35, 50 and 65 mm to massage different parts of the face and body.

At the heart of cupping massage is a reflex action method based on the appearance of redness, irritation of skin receptors are created in a vacuum jar. Cupping massage improves peripheral circulation of blood, lymph, interstitial fluid. Eliminates stagnation phenomenon, increases metabolism and skin respiration in the massaged area of ​​the body. The skin becomes elastic, with increased the resistance to temperature and mechanical factors, improved contractile function of muscles, increases their tone and elasticity. Vacuum therapy cause the release of extract of sebaceous and sweat glands.
It includes the addition of salts, urea, acetone, bile acids, which in certain concentrations are toxic to the body.
So it gives the opportunity to compare the cupping vacuum massage method with the bath effects.


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